1. All About Binastore
Binastore is a Lafarge Zimbabwe business unit dedicated to bringing convenience to
Zimbabweans at home or in the diaspora in the purchase of cement, aggregates, dry
mortars and general hardware lines. Binastore is part of a large global network of
similar operations run by LaFarge in other parts of the world, and is operated
according to LaFarge’s commitment to quality service.

2. How to Buy on the Binastore Online Store
You can buy your products from the Binastore Online Shop in both local currency
(ZWL) and foreign currency. For local currency payments, ZimSwitch enabled local
bank transfer services and mobile money services are available and acceptable as
payment options. For international payments, major credit cards are acceptable,
including Visa and Mastercard.
Payment will be processed at check out, after you have concluded shopping for your
products and your bill has been summed up. The payment platform used on the
Binastore Online Shop is globally secure, and will require your cell-phone to be with
you for authentication of your payment via a one time pin. You will not be able to
proceed to transact without verifying your identity through the one time pin.

3. Delivery Options
You can choose to self collect or to have your purchases delivered to you by
selecting our partner delivery service at a fee. Purchases of cement at 30t and 15t,
plus purchases of some aggregates (building stones) products will carry inbuilt
delivery to any destination within Harare and will not require you to pay separately
for delivery.
In the instance of self collect – collections are done from LaFarge Cement Zimbabwe
along Arcturus Road. Our sales team will call you to schedule your collection.

4. Technical Support
If ever you need technical support or help in using the online LaFarge store, we have
helpdesk number that can be accessed 24/7 - 0787125147. Alternatively please
email zim.sales@lafargeholcim.com

5. Savebuild Service
If you would like to buy LaFarge products on easy payment terms, you can open a
SaveBuild account, where you save towards the purchase of material for your
building project with Lafarge. You may then withdraw product, equivalent to the value
of your savings after the maturity of your chosen installment structure. Please email
zim.sales@lafargeholcim.com for more about SaveBuild.

6. Talking to us About Anything Sales Related
If you would like to find out more about LaFarge and how to buy from us, please
contact the Zimbabwe numbers below: